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Celebrate Success

Celebrate your achievements

Making any major lifestyle change can be trying. A great way to motivate yourself to keep with the program is to properly celebrate your achievements. This may be as important as setting goals and visualizing success. When you accomplish one of your short-term or long-term goals, make sure that you reward yourself well!

Cause for Celebration

  1. Buy yourself new workout clothes or shoes.
  2. Make plans with good friends to see a movie or go hiking.
  3. Go on a weekend getaway.
  4. Treat yourself to a new piece of exercise equipment.
  5. Plan a dinner at your favorite restaurant.
  6. Get tickets to your favorites theater production or athletic event.
  7. Pamper yourself with a massage, manicure, or pedicure.
  8. Enroll in a class, such as ballroom dancing, yoga, or pottery making.
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