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Staying Motivated

Consider these factors that motivate people to begin and stick with their exercise program. Then identify which ones you most identify with.

  • Pleasure. People often really enjoy strength-training exercises; they find them less taxing than aerobic workouts and love the results.
  • Health and fitness benefits. Strength training increases muscle mass and bone density. It makes you feel strong and energized, alleviates stress and depression, and gives you a better night’s sleep. And it can help prevent the onset of certain chronic diseases or ease their symptoms.
  • Improvements in appearance. Lifting weights firms the body, trims fat, and can boost metabolism by as much as 15%, which helps with weight control.
  • Social opportunities. Exercising with friends or family gives you a chance to visit and chat while you work out.
  • Thrills. People who start strength training later in life often find that they are willing-and able-to try new, exciting activities, such as parasailing, windsurfing, or kayaking.
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